The game centers on protagonist Nicolas Grey, a freelance painter, as he searches for his missing wife in the mysterious town of Sinistria.
  It all begins in the fall of 2017, after a series of strange nightmares and the receipt of a letter from his wife Stephanie, despite the fact that she vanished without a trace one year prior, which lead Nicolas into the abandoned town of Sinistria.
  As he peels back the layers of mystery, the town begins to expose its terrifying past, revealing to Nicolas, the true origin of his wife.


  Sinistria is a fictional town in Romania, that was abandoned in 1922 in unknown circumstances.
  Throughout the game, you will discover why this place became a ghost town and the macabre secrets that involve dark entities, in a realistic and frightening atmosphere.



  Themes like love, the human mind, forgiveness, domestic violence, illusions and delusions, existentialism and morality,  illness and disease and last but not least the dangers of religious fanaticism will be exposed in the game in a fictional way.


  Most of the action of the game will take place in the town of Sinistria, so, the environment will be atypical to the period when the town was abandoned, more precisely in 1922.
  Despite the fact that most of the gameplay will take place in Sinistria, the action occurs nowadays, which will bring modern elements into the environment.


  Sinistria is a psychological horror game that features some survival gameplay mechanics. That means you will have to survive. In order to do that, you must either run, hide from enemies or fight with them. Yes, the combat is possible in the game, as long as you have a weapon equipped.
  You can interact with almost all the objects in the game. (grab, examines, etc.)




*Realistic and detailed environments: a terrifying world to explore.
 *Unpredictable Enemies: You cannot know when or where enemies appear.
 *Interact with the environment(objects, drawers, lights, etc.)
 *Fighting system: You can fight with the entities if he has a weapon equipped. (pistol, axe, etc.)
 *Crafting system: You can take various items and/or resources and combining them.
 *Demons, ghosts and witches: The perfect recipe for a horror game.


 You can expect a constant feeling of fear, caused by the dark and mysterious atmosphere, accompanied by sounds and music that will enhance the suspense, drama, action, and paranoia.
  Despite the fact that you can fight your enemies, the atmosphere will create discomfort and dread by exposing common psychological and emotional vulnerabilities/fears and revealing the darker parts of the human mind that most people may repress or deny.



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